emily hawes

Emily Hawes is a multidisciplinary artist & educator, making work which negotiates the fertile margins between moving image, choreography & sculptural assemblage. Considered as an ‘intrecciare’ (meaning to weave, braid or intertwine) of ideas, inquiries, references, stories & unearthed histories; she is interested in bringing attention to the symbiotic relations, structures & overlooked forces which circulate between bodies, objects, places, matter, minerals & other living organisms.

With poetic tendencies, her methodology includes: fieldwork, interdisciplinary collaboration, score-writing, workshops & archival research. She often engages in: acts of deep listening, drifting, embodied walking & careful noticing.

Working with a site-specific approach, projects have responded to a multiplicity of places & contexts, including: an estuary, an archive collection, a lido relic & a heathland bog.


Currently, she is undertaking a series of projects which form critical inquiries into interspecies entanglements & interdependencies, speculating upon future ecological assemblages in the ancient bogs of Wareham Forest.


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