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  1. I am an artist, filmmaker and educator based in Dorset. I undertake research that is situated, relational and material; exploring place-specific narratives, histories, mythologies and alternative knowledge systems that otherwise remain dormant, submerged or unknown. I am currently working on a series of short 16mm films that entangle places, collections, relics, ruins and artefacts across the South West. 

    My practice is perhaps best characterised by the Italian word ‘intreciarre’ (meaning to entwine, weave or braid) – within the work, I knot together seemingly disparate discursive, material, more-than-human, corporeal, historical and technological relations. 

    I am guided by feminist strategies, theories and ideas - in particular Ursula K. Le Guin’s notion of ‘carrier bag storytelling’ and my work often has ecological undertones. I use embodied methodologies such as fieldwork, walking, archival investigations and interdisciplinary collaboration, to allow ideas to permeate, become frayed, porous and unfold slowly. 

    I work as a Lecturer on the BA Fine Art degree at Arts University Bournemouth. My educational work is underpinned by critical and feminist pedagogical theory and practice. I have initiated projects such as ‘The Atossa Press’, which is a correspondence project that connects BA Fine Art students with international artists such as Lenka Clayton (Pittsburgh, US) and DAKOgamay (Philippines).