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  1. Emily Hawes is an artist and educator currently teaching on the BA Fine Art course at Arts University Bournemouth.

    Her multidisciplinary practice spans moving image, choreography and sculpture; recently, she has been working predominanly with analogue film. Her practice draws on research that is situated, relational and material and seeks to explore place-specific narratives, histories, mythologies and alternative knowledge systems that otherwise remain dormant, submerged or unknown. 

    She is currently working on a series of short films that respond to entanglements between sites, bodies, matter, ruins, relics and artefacts across various locations in the South East and South West. She is guided by ancient and contemporary feminist strategies, theories and ideas, and draws on embodied methodologies such as fieldwork, walking, archival investigations and interdisciplinary collaboration, to allow ideas to permeate and unfold slowly. Her practice is perhaps best characterised by the Italian word ‘intreciarre’ (meaning to entwine, weave or braid).